Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

What goes around comes around, so they say. Call it karma, call it ironic, call it Qadr, but whatever you call it, but news that notorious apparently Somali-born former Dutch MP and slanderer of Islam has been sent packing by her fellow Dutchmen has definitely caused quite a stir.

The vehemently anti-Islamic blogosphere has seized on the case as an example of Europe's surrender to "Islamism" and its meek acceptance of the dreaded "dhimmitude" status of its people. The misguided opinion-shapers leading the charge against Islam has tried to portray Hirsi Ali as a brave heroine that had the courage to tell the truth about the "evil" of God's great religion.

The reality is that Ayaan, a publicity seeking polemic, has been exposed as a fraud and a liar. Her pseudo-intellectual sister-in-arms, Irshad Manji, would be well advised to take a break from her incessant heckling of muslims on topics such as "the truth" and call her girl over for a little one-on-one.

Ali's horror story, the one that has conveyed on her such moral authority, that of having been forced into marriage by her backward Somalian family after living through 5 civil wars has been debunked in a recent documentary which showed her family living comfortably in Kenya and denying the apparent forced marriage, suggesting that she was, in fact, present for the wedding in question.

It is clear that the credibility of Ayaan has taken a serious hit from these revelations. How easy could it be for her to falsely accuse Islam, a religion and a people she obviously hates, if it was so easy for her to lie on her refugee claims? To the neoconservative Christians who jump up to defend her, is it not said "thou shalt not bear false witness?"

Not only is she untruthful, but seemingly hypocritical. Herself an immigrant, she became a vocal critic of immigration as a member of the right wing Dutch VVD party. It was, in fact, her own party member, hardline immigration minister Rita Verdonk that called for her passport to be revoked. I suppose principle rarely gets in the way of politics and ambition.

In a way, I feel sorry to see her go out this way, used and betrayed. It is, however, understandable considering that western world, despite claims of freedom, justice, and equality, have a history of systemically exploiting and lynching Africans (Dutch apartheid, European colonialism, American slavery).

Having been dumped by 3/4's of the people of the Netherlands, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (not her real name), plans to spend her time in America at the neoconservative AEI, no doubt leading more unsuspecting lemmings into unwinnable wars and human rights violations. Perhaps she should give her friend Michelle Malkin a call, their shared opposition to illegal immigration notwithstanding, for a little advice, sponsorship, and a spot on the couch.


Anonymous said...

You have got the story wrong, sunshine. Hirsi Ali will be getting her citizenship back, after all the censure's on the Dutch Minister in their parliament last night.

She will be around for a long time yet to expose the evil practices of many of your co-religionists

Don said...

That's a very intemperate disregard of thee facts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing this vile opportunist for the third-rate thespian she is. The truth is alive and well, and so-called "Ayaan Hirsi Ali" is a stranger to it.