Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rogue IDF Commanders Behind Qana Bombing

Since my last post about the bombing of the UN post in south Lebanon, the second round of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's diplomatic efforts to lebanon has been cancelled following the bombing in Qana (echoing a previous Israeli bombing in 1996) that killed 50 civilians, a majority of them children.

Again, I strongly suspect the culprit is a rogue element within the Israeli defence command that wants to sabotage any attempts at a cessation of hostilities. This unit aims to press the campaign in Lebanon, prevent UN troops from arriving in the area, and drive a wedge between Israel and the so-called "international community."

By all appearances, the plan seems to be working. The UN headquarters were ransacked by enraged protestors demonstrating the latest Israeli war crime and confusion has broken out in diplomatic and Western ranks as Jack Straw is leading a rebellion against the Blair-Bush-Harper "measured response" position.

It's not all-out war yet, but God-willing, it will get there. Over the next couple of months, keep your eye out for the Iranian nuclear issue causing big problems, and over the next couple of years, monitor the situation at Al-Aqsa...

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