Friday, September 01, 2006

Scottish Girl Abducted For Arranged Marriage in Pakistan?

According to the British media and her Scottish mum, poor little Molly Campbell had been abducted by her father's faily for an arranged marriage in Pakistan:
The mother of a 12-year-old schoolgirl appealed yesterday for the return of her "lovable little girl" after she was abducted and flown to Pakistan, where relatives fear that she could be forced to become a child bride.

But we found out today, it was another case of ugly anti-Muslim hysteria, magnified by racist stereotypes and willful exaggeration:
A 12-year-old girl from the Western Isles who is at the centre of abduction allegations said today that it was her "own choice" to go to Pakistan with her father.

A police operation was launched last Friday after Molly Campbell, also known as Misbah Iram Ahmed Rana, flew to Lahore with her father and 18-year-old sister Tahmina, without the knowledge of her mother, Louise.

Ms Campbell, 38, made an emotional plea for Molly's return earlier this week and there were fears that the 12-year-old was being forced into a marriage in Pakistan.

Today, Molly appeared at a press conference in Lahore after she and her father met with family friend Mohammad Sarwar, a Scottish MP, who arrived there this morning. Mr Sarwar said there was "no question" of forced marriage and that Molly had now spoken by phone to her mother in Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis.

Sitting between Tahmina and her father, Sajad Ahmed Rana, Molly told reporters: "It was my own choice. I asked my sister if I could go with her. I went with my sister. I would like to stay in Pakistan with my father and my name isn't Molly, it is Misbah.

"I knew that my mum would miss me, but I miss my family. It was hard to not see my family and I had to live with my mum and I wanted to live with my family. I thought I could live with my dad and I could still see my mum."


Anonymous said...

Niether of the girls will see their mother again. They don't know it yet, but they WILL be set up in marriage and then rarely tep out of their house again. They will not be able to contact or communicate with their MUM again. How sad that they are so naive. Mom knows her fears are based knowledge of what happens to young girls who disappear all the time from all over the EU to Packistan. We are trying to help a neighbor family right now whose child they are trying to wisk away.

poor_khalid said...

You mean like the young girls who disappear all over the EU and other Eastern European countries to be used as sex slaves and brothel workers... in the EU?

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% sure, that the MSMedia would have been completely quite, if it were a black father who had kidnapped his 12 year old mixed daughter and taken her to Jamaica. Why because, during the 60's blacks were treated like animals (remember - no blacks no dogs signs on shop fronts), when the blacks had enough they snapped, they started to riot and burn down shops/loot from cities/towns, they even butt rape thousands of young white girls for years (still doing it), to teach whites a lesson (not to mess with blacks), and it had worked, now whites are scared and even sacrifice their underage daughters for the fear of getting beaten or killed, they look the other way, even marry them off. Muslims are now at that same stage (their getting tired). Thats the only language 'educated' whites learn (pure violence).

Anonymous said...

First anonymous: the oldest daughter is married already, and yet she still travels & doesn't appear to be too conservatively dressed.

LJGill said...

Yes, people did jump the gun a bit about the forced marriage stuff. But the Rana family have been saying some very ugly things about the mother too, insinuating that she is mentally unstable and leads a dissolute lifestyle. Indeed, a prominent Pakistani human rights lawyer Asma Jahangir, has criticised this as "completely disgusting" reflecting a "racist sentiment" in Pakistan towards non-Muslim women.

Anonymous said...

i personaly think they r happy cant u c the hapiness in their eyes maybe they dont wana be in england or wer ever they live i no if i had a choice id be on the first plane to pakistan but sadly i cant go .... not everything in this world revolves around muslim and forced marriges so cut the crap out cos u dont no wat u chatting bout .... u useless people